Another reason to love Silvia Trkman

I recently sent the following FB message to Silvia Trkman:

Hi Silvia, I took a workshop with you in NH a couple of years ago with my 2 Australian Terriers and loved it. I took detailed notes and continue to follow your suggestions. I love your fun attitude and approach to training and fun is always the #1 thing I focus on with my dogs! As a result, both of my dogs are fast and enthusiastic! I hope it is OK to ask a question about Lil’s increased drive and speed (Lil turned 3 years old today). She is very enthusiastic (and talented) in freestyle and agility. She moved up to Masters in USDAA very quickly. Her drive and speed continue to increase and it seems to me that she doesn’t know how to manage jumping well when she runs REALLY fast, especially on long straight-aways. I feel like she has lost confidence about jumping and so I was thinking about taking a break from jumping and just running Lil through wings without bars when we practice agility for a while. And then starting up again with low bars and gradually bringing them back up to her jump height. Is that a good or bad idea? Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. All the best, Devorah Sperber (Jake and Lil)

Silvia’s Response (a few hours later):

Happy to hear Lil is doing so well!!! Sounds like a good plan to run her without bars some and then slowly adding height to let her learn how to jump at her new speed, it’s definitely harder when running real fast! But I’m sure she will master that too!

Jake and Lil at Silvia Trkman Workshop, December 2009

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