More evidence that forward momentum is a key component in Lil’s ability to jump efficiently

I videotaped Lil’s first session wrapping around a cone and striding over 3 bars spaced at 48″.  I had not anticipated how differently she would stride over the bars when she was chasing a thrown ball vs. focusing on me.

The following one minute video is in slo-mo to make it easier to see the different ways Lil strided over the three bars:

I just realized how and why inefficient jumping can lead to MORE AND MORE inefficient jumping. When Lil’s speed increased recently, she wasn’t able to adjust her strides well when approaching jumps, and so she started jumping inefficiently. This caused her to knock an occasional bar which caused her to lose confidence… which caused her to slow down when approaching jumps, which made it HARDER AND HARDER to jump well, which caused her to lose more confidence…

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