Great progress with extension jumping!

For the past four months, I’ve been focusing most of my attention on Jake and Lil’s  jumping.   I have seen very good progress in the backyard so I felt it was time for the ultimate test… a NADAC trial.   NADAC is a great venue for testing jumping skills because the courses are fast and the jumps are spaced at a whopping 21′ which is five full strides between every jump for my dogs.  It has been a long time since I have gone to a NADAC trial, so I had forgotten how much fun they are for dogs and people.  We all had such a great time, I’m going to another NADAC trial this coming weekend!

Jake has always dropped his head and shoulders before jumping, but his jumping at this trial looked comfortable for him and his striding between jumps looked nice and even.  BTW, my sweetie-pie Jake has come a long ways in terms of staying in the game.  I was very proud of him!   I didn’t get a video of his Open Tunnelers run but he Q-ed it and he can get very WHOO HOO running Tunnelers, especially first thing in the morning.

OK. This was NOT my best handing on either video! 🙂  NADAC courses are so different from USDAA courses, that it took me most of the day to get my timing down and to stop calling Lil into handler focus when I didn’t need to….most apparent in Tunnelers.

Lil and Jake both felt very confident when jumping!   The person video taping zoomed in a lot for their jumpers runs, but you can get the general idea of how fast they were running and how well they were jumping!   All in all, there were just a few earlier-than-ideal take offs throughout the day and no dramatic launches by either dog! Oh and Lil got 4 of 4 Qs and 4 blue ribbons,  Jake got 2 or 4 Qs and 2 red ribbons and I wasn’t really trying to Q.

A couple of days before the trial, it occurred to me that I should run my dogs over a few 21′ spaced jumps since that is much wider than what we usually practice. This video is just of Lil, but Jake managed the spacing very easily too.

8 thoughts on “Great progress with extension jumping!

    • Thanks Dianne! Jake and Lil were so happy.. and it was contagious! It was the most fun I have ever had at an agility trial. I loved it so much, I am doing another NADAC trial this coming weekend!

  1. dev,
    i very much enjoy your posts here and on fb ati. i have to tell you a funny sttory. i met sandra w. at dog show in knoxville last fall. i had emailed her and marilyn h. about adopting an aussie prior to the show. when i met her i was excitedly telling her about these videos i had come across on youtube with these adorable and talented aussies named jake and lil. she smiled politely and let me finish. then she told me she had bred them!

    i love following your progress and hope to get into agility again myself.

    warmest regards to you, jake and lil!
    cindy m.

    • Thanks Cindy! Sandra shared your story with me but did not mention any names. You wrote that you hope to get into agility AGAIN? Did you run Australian Terriers in the past? Or another breed? I hope you do get back to agility.

      Best regards from Dev, Jake and Lil

  2. i had a little guy named jack who died two years ago of bladder cancer. i took him through beginner agility class many years ago and we were hooked. i wasnt sure if the instructor understood terrier temperment though so we did not go back. instead i got online and found specs for equipment and built our own tire jump, weave poles and jumps. jack loved it. but what he loved more was chasing the laser light so i used that as his reward. he would do anything if i would let him chase the laser. he picked up things so quickly. he ran barking the whole time. kind of like jake but even more so. but we never competed – only for our own enjoyment. i still have everything and a great yard. but no aussie right now. when the time is right i will.

    i do love to read your analysis of technique and your passion for it. i just wish i had the time and the dog – not now but soon i hope.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. 😦

    I agree that not every instructor understands terriers. You were so smart to follow your instincts and develop your own personalized training program for Jack. How great that you knew what was truly rewarding to Jack and that you were able to think outside the box to use a laser light as a reward! Your next dog will be lucky to have you as an agility partner!!! .. and thank you for your kind words about my posts!

  4. It’s great to see them adjusting so well to bigger distances between jump. The Lil’s training video was especially interesting to see. Congratulations on Q’s and placements!

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