Lil’s Running Dog Walk After One Week of Training

After thinking about switching Lil from a 2o2o to a running dog walk for well over a year, I finally bit the bullet and made the decision to do it!  After just 3 sessions running Lil over various planks in my studio and over my half-sized dog walk, I ran her at a NADAC trial on Sunday.   My intention was to just see what she did. I didn’t have any expectations since she hadn’t even run over a full-sized dog walk yet but BOY OH BOY did she surprise me!   She ran over the dog walk 3 times at the trial and her striding was beautiful all three times.  I could see that she was aiming for and intentionally striding through the contact zone vs. looking like she just happened to hit it.

Only time will tell how much is beginners luck and how much was due to  months of training Dawn Weaver’s Running Contacts foundation skills away from real obstacles.  Dawn’s games are so much fun to play and useful for other purposes that if was easy to play them with Lil in my yard for months regardless of whether I decided to transfer the skills to a running dog walk or not!

2 thoughts on “Lil’s Running Dog Walk After One Week of Training

    • You are funny! I am pretty certain that beginners luck is coming into play here. Once Lil is 100% certain that it is OK to GO ON (after 2.5 years of doing a 2o2o), ATBS may start to kick in. That stands for “Australian Terrier Bounce Syndrome.” 🙂

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