Lil’s Running Dogwalk

What you cannot see on the video is that Lil is first running along a 12′ carpet runner on the back porch that connects to the 12′ plank that is slanting down from the 34″ high porch to the ground.

Lil had done one short session with this set-up the day before.  As typical of Lil, if I briefly expose her to something new and then let her sleep on it, she approaches additional sessions with increased confidence and understanding.  This video is of the three sessions we did yesterday.

I love watching Lil experiment with different striding patterns, trying to figure out the fastest/ best way to run down the plank while still being able to hit low with her final stride.  I think 4 strides is starting to look nice and comfortable, with some nice low hits and no leaping.  Of course Lil “tested” 3 strides once or twice but I don’t think that is going to work well, especially once she is running a full-height dog walk.

I’m going to let her continue to experiment and see if she figures out a way to take 3 strides down and get consistently low hits or if she ends up choosing to take 4 strides.  I am putting my money on 4 strides.  especially because we are not at full height yet.  But then again, 3 days ago, I thought 5 strides was the best choice for Lil and I was wrong about that!  I am having so much fun watching Lil learn this new skill.  I also love that the angle of a full-height dog walk is not nearly as steep as the A-Frame so gravity will not come into play nearly as much!

The following JUST HAPPENED and I had to post the video!


2 thoughts on “Lil’s Running Dogwalk

  1. Thanks! I’m really pleased with how well Lil seems to be understanding the criteria! And yeah! What about that good decision? 🙂

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