Camp Gone to the Dogs

Jake and Lil’s Freestyle Demo

Bev Blanchard is an amazing Freestyler, instructor and choreographer.  We took 3 private lessons with her at camp, through which she helped us develop a freestyle routine from scratch.  On Thursday, after our final lesson, we discussed everything we had worked on, and I remember thinking that I wished I had a few weeks vs. one day to practice before performing the routine for the first time. 🙂

I decided it is kind of crazy to try to develop an entire freestyle routine in 4 days of camp to then perform in on the 5th day.  So I plan to continue to refine this routine over the winter vs. starting a new routine from scratch every year at camp.  I hope to add some cool tricks that did not make it into this routine in place of tricks that didn’t look as dynamic as I’d like and develop each dog’s solo routine to really highlight what makes each of them so special.

I’m so glad Bruce captured most of the routine on video because  I learned something very important.   I had not realized that my body language was the same for some new tricks AND old tricks so that my dogs needed to rely solely on verbals to know which trick to do at times.   Lil seemed fine with the verbals but I think my vagueness in terms of motion and body position contributed to  Jake’s loss of focus at times….on top of  performing in such a  “well seasoned” ring filled with treats from a week of camp! 🙂   I also think Jake might do better with fewer treats during the routine.   He seemed to lose focus briefly after each treat!    And the other reason it is good to have video, is that things don’t look nearly as bad as they sometimes feel…like Jake’s sniffing!   I actually think he looked kind of cute!

Clips from the agility ring.  Lil’s new running dog walk looked really good all week-long.  It’s the first time she worked on turns after the dog walk (since we have only been doing NADAC lately).  She nailed every single one.   Oh and Siliva Trkman is right as she always is when she said “If you train a running dog walk, you get the A-Frame for free.”   Since I switched Lil from 2o2o to a running dog walk, her A-Frames are looking great!…. nice low hits and great speed even with a tight turn after!

After 2 months off from agility (due to a soft tissue injury), Jake looked great at camp!  He had nice soft landings with every single 2o2o on the A-Frame, and really nice speed!  He looked like he was having a blast too.  I took it easy with him and only ran him a little but I think he is feeling good!  YEY!

4 thoughts on “Camp Gone to the Dogs

  1. Nice Job! 🙂 Yes, I know what you mean. . .Sometimes when I’m out in the agility ring and things are going wrong, I think it’s kind of a bad run. Then after the run and as I watch the video and think about what went wrong. . .I realize it really wasn’t all that bad after all 🙂

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