HGR: a new approach to jump training

Hit the Ground Running!
Click on the link above to learn about a radically new approach to jump training.

Here is the new URL to sign up for HGR:  http://www.dawnweaveragility.com/hitthegroundrunning

4 thoughts on “HGR: a new approach to jump training

  1. Its been so great to see Lance’s speed really kicking in and to see him trying new strategies for navigating over jumps. He is looking truly fabulous! 🙂

  2. Would you say that this course would be appropriate for a dog that flattens out over bars due to lack of collection? (And determination to do everything at full speed…)

    • Ashley, I sent you an email. If you’d like to send me a link to a video, I can let you know if I think your dog would benefit from HGR… I am guessing that he/she will. One of Dawn’s super fast, high-drive dogs also wanted to jump long and flat all the time and she has shown a remarkable transformation!

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