Jake and Lil Running the Doggie Luge, 2013

The snow melted down to 2″ so it only took a few minutes to  shovel some paths in the backyard to create a Doggie Luge, which this year is more like a racetrack due to grass  vs. snow on the paths.

Initially I thought this years Doggie Luge had three loops but it actually has four loops–  one big loop with a path cutting across the center to form two smaller loops plus another  loop off the end of a dogwalk ramp that angles down from the porch.  I love this set-up for practicing GO ONs, LEFT, and RIGHT turns.   Eventually I’d like to shovel out another path to form an X in the center of the big loop to practice more discriminations with Lil, but I think that would make it too difficult for Jake at this point so I’ll likely stick with this current design until the snow melts.  Here is a short video of the “course” that I shot with my iPhone.

Below is a video of today’s sessions with Jake and Lil.  Apparently I’ve been doing too many turns and not enough GET OUTs with Jake lately so I kept his session short and sweet.  For the next few sessions, I plan to do 100% GET OUTs to regain the balance.

This is one aspect of winter I really enjoy and I’m pretty sure Jake and Lil enjoy it as much as I do!

A note to subscribers:  For some reason, links to videos are not showing up on email alerts, so if you want to watch the videos, you’ll need to click on the title and it will take you to the ArtAndDogBlog.

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