A few of Jake and Lil’s runs at NAE’s NADAC Trial at Sugarbush Farm, May 10-12, 2013

Video is so strange.   Even though I know how fast my dogs were running (I included YPS in my post yesterday), they tend to look like they are not running very fast on videos.  Whats up with that? 🙂

On Friday and Saturday, Lil did not feel 100% confident and thus was not running full-out but on Sunday, she felt great and had her best and fastest runs.   I’m not sure what is going on with her, but she has been acting a bit uncertain at times in her day-to-day life too.  Nothing major but I am keeping an eye on her to make sure whatever it is, stays minor. 🙂  Unfortunately I didn’t get videos of any of Lil’s fastest runs but they live with complete clarity in my mind as is the case with all my dogs best runs!

Jake looked and felt great all weekend long.  I really liked how he looked jumping and striding  through  hoops.  He only jumped a few hoops.  YEY Jake!   His contacts were 100% although the dismounts were often BOINGee.   In practice he doesn’t do that very often so I assume it is due to the excitement of being at a trial that inspires the BOING in Jake.  And since he is consistently hitting his contacts, as far as I’m concerned if Jake want to BOING, its OK with me. 🙂

Since I stopped running my dogs over higher (5’6″) A-frames, I really like the way they both look running over 5′ (most of the time).  Lil tends to keep her head and body nice and low when floating over the apex and descending, and her third stride usually hits well within the contact zone.  I also like the way she dismounts by pushing off and forward vs. jumping downward and landing close to the A-Frame.  I believe this lessens the impact of the landing as most of her momentum is shifted into the forward propulsion of that first stride vs. her jumping down and landing on the ground close to the A-Frame with a THUNK.

The video example above is pretty typical of how Lil runs over A-Frames these days but  occasionally during the first run of a trial,  she’ll have too much momentum which causes her to float too long over the apex and then she leaves out that third stride.  Somehow she manages to get her back feet in the contact zone on that second stride… but barely.  I certainly don’t like those performances and I don’t think Lil does either because when she does this,  she always seems to have a nice 3 stride A-frame during the next run.

2 thoughts on “A few of Jake and Lil’s runs at NAE’s NADAC Trial at Sugarbush Farm, May 10-12, 2013

  1. Love the way jake floats over jumps. Lil seemed confused at times like u said. Jake seemed mostly faster than Lilly. I didn’t know it rained

    Bruce S. Dobozin, M.D. http://www.nyallergyasthma.org Department of Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases NYU School of Medicine Please pardon errors, as this was sent from a handheld device.

    • Yes. Jake jumped really well last weekend! Not sure what is going on with Lil…..maybe she can smell the 17 year Cicada larva beginning their trek up to the surface and it feels like a bad horror movie to her since she is so squeamish about bugs. 🙂

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