Lil’s Runs at NADAC Championships

Lil and I attended our first BIG EVENT last week, NADAC Championships.  Jake came along for the ride and to keep Lil company.  I think the highlight for Jake was riding in the golf cart.   He looked so cute with his hair blowing in the breeze… like one of the Bee Gees.  🙂

Running Lil at Champs was the MOST FUN I’ve ever had playing agility and Lil ran great!  Every course had a distance challenge (a line of tape the handler could not cross over).  Lil aced every one of them with 100% confidence and ease!  I could not have been more proud of my little red dog!

(above) Videos of Lil’s runs at Champs.

Round One felt a tiny bit hesitant which I think was due to Lil not being used to the loud cheering and clapping for other teams while we were preparing to run but by Round Two she appeared to have gotten over it.   And as the week progressed,  Lil ran faster and more confidently with each run.  She appeared to be having a total blast.



My goal (and motto) for the week was “Fast, Fluid, and Fun.”  And we succeeded.. even with two handler errors, which Lil didn’t seem to mind, so neither did I.

Lil_Champs_Photo_officialThank you Sharon Nelson for a week of super fun courses, super fun challenges, and for providing us with a super fun venue to play agility in!  Thank you to all my friends (new and old) who helped make the entire NADAC Champs experience fun both in and out of the ring.  OH.. and I almost forgot to mention… Lil took 3rd Place Overall in the 4″/ 8″ Standard Class.

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