Jumping Issue or Handling Issue?

Before you read this post, watch the following 2nd One Mind Dog challenge video:


Seems like a lot of people here in the USA are intrigued by  OMD handling.  I am particularly fascinated by Jaako’s ultra-smooth handling style and a total lack of superfluous motion.  His arms are always showing his dog the path ahead without a single flick, flap or pump in sight.   I love that USA handlers are expanding their horizons and seeing great results in terms of their dog’s responses to different ways of handling.  In general, I’d say USA handlers who are studying OMD handling theory look more energetic, athletic, intentional in their handing cues, and perhaps most important of all…they look like they are having a blast.  Oh.. and so are their dogs!  🙂

A little note about the OMD video above.  Did you notice the early take-off? I think it was a natural response to handling (the handler was very far ahead, decelerating and facing the dog) so the dog focused on the turn after the far jump (and the handler) and rushed to get there as fast as possible by leaving out a stride.   You might have missed it because it does not look as dramatic when a powerful BC takes-off early compared to a small dog. Many people would not have noticed that the BC left out a stride if seeing that run live. But most people would have noticed a small dog doing the equivalent because of the small dog’s proximity to the jump.

Here are 2 sets of screen saves to compare:

OneMindDog Screen Save

Screen saves from the video above.

Small dog comparisonSmall dog comparison.

Neither of these dogs has a “jumping issue.”  They are just demonstrating a natural response to handling.

2 thoughts on “Jumping Issue or Handling Issue?

  1. Here is a video of Jessica Ajoux at OMD seminar. I think she is a brilliant USA handler (I took lessons from Jess when I was competing in USDAA and learned a ton). Looks like her handling has gone from great to REALLY GREAT since studying OMD theory first hand. WOW! I think she is a perfect example of what I was referring to in my post about how handling is evolving in the USA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz79XULu1Nk&feature=share

  2. The following thought just occurred to me… I wonder why the OMD folks picked this team/ dog to include in the video for this segment of the course. Its not likely the other 3 dogs launched. Perhaps no one noticed the launch?

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