Clicker board using button clickers vs. box clickers

It has been a long time since I have used a clicker board on my DW ramp.  Over the past year, Lil’s drive has increased while running agility and as a result she is taking longer strides while running on the ground and on the dog walk.  She is still hitting the contact zone consistently but it no longer looks intentional… so I wanted to see if she could still intentionally target the last 24″ of the DW ramp.   I had a couple of button clickers at home and duct taped them to a thin strip of wood and rubber-banded some packing foam to hold the clicker board up between reps.

It took all of five minutes to MFG and it works great…PLUS the button clickers are not breaking due to the foam offering some resistance and maybe also because the duct tape flexes a little when the clicker board hits the buttons.   It certainly is not going to win any awards for aesthetics but it was so fast and easy to make and works so well,  I took a couple of photographs of it.

clicker board with button clickers (top view)(above) top view of clicker set up under clicker board

photo 2 (above) side view of clickers under the board.

See Oct 16, 3013 for a detailed description for how to build a clicker board for an A-frame or Dog Walk using ordinary clickers.  I also uploaded a couple of short videos of a clicker board “in action.”

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