Another fun way to practice soft turns off the dogwalk ramp

I really like this new game that consists of me rolling the tunnel incrementally to one side to practice soft turns off the dog walk, although I wish my yard allowed for rolling in both directions (such is life).  My goal was to see what Lil does naturally without any handling support.  This set up was  also great for proofing because I was just standing at the end of the tunnel facing Lil which I think encourages dogs to raise their heads up and then leap.  Jake is not able to handle this level of proofing so I did something different with him.

I rewarded from my hand when the clicker board was activated by low hits and then I sent Lil back through the tunnel up the DW to the MM.  The MM provided an efficient way to reset for the next rep and it also gave me an opportunity to see how well Lil straightens out her approach on the way up the DW ramp.

Every couple of reps, I rolled the tunnel further to the side.  At one point, she had a couple of misses in a row but then intentionally added a stride for a super low hit, which I think indicates she understands the criteria is to hit low and perhaps was learning how to do that as the turn became harder/ sharper.

I really liked what I saw in this session.  Lots of great reps with just a few misses and only one of the misses was above the contact zone line.  YEY Lil!


3 thoughts on “Another fun way to practice soft turns off the dogwalk ramp

    • Follow up: I tried started with 90 degree exits and gradually easing the angle and I didn’t like what I saw so I will not be repeating that set up. I think the issue was that I was standing at the end of the tunnel which cues extension whereas the 90 degree turn necessitates collection if the dog is to add a stride for a low hit and THEN TURN.. vs sort of jump off the side of the contact zone. When I repositioned myself to the bottom of the DW ramp and sent Lil to the tunnel, she did well. I think the first set up was totally contradictory/ confusing. We only did a few reps and then switched to a better set up so no harm was done.

  1. Thanks! The other thing I might try is to start with a 90 degree turn off the DW and gradually straighten it to see how Lil adapts to the changing of the angle in that direction.

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