Not a great way to start a day

Most days begin with me letting Lil out in the yard while Jake stays in bed (I think it is so funny and cute when dogs sleep in).     Anyway, I generally watch Jake and Lil when they are in the yard but since Lil was totally chilled out and just milling around, I went inside to get a cup of coffee and to check my email.  About five minutes later, I heard Jake bark once in his Lassie “COME QUICK” voice.

So I went to see what was up and Jake was sitting in the living room near the door to the backyard.  I expected to see Lil waiting to be let in but she wasn’t there so I went outside and saw her sitting at the foot of the steps.   I called her and she hobbled up the stairs.

My heart sunk.   I thought:  Did she injure her back?  Lately Lil has started jumping off a rock ledge as part of her hunting routine.   Or is this an ACL injury?

Reenactment of Lil sitting at base of steps

Reenactment of Lil sitting at base of steps

I picked Lil up to carry her into the house and then noticed a little dingle berry stuck on her behind.   My heart soared!  I don’t think I’ve ever  been so happy to see a piece of poop in my life as I was in that moment.

Needless to say, I extracted the poop and all is well in our little Universe once again.  🙂

the culprit

the culprit


7 thoughts on “Not a great way to start a day

  1. Dev, I too have had dogs crippled by this malady. Luckily as you noted it is easily treated and mobility quickly restored. Thanks for my morning chuckle! Cindy M., Knoxville, TN.

    • Good thing our dogs don’t live in the wild. Imagine what they’d do if they had a “poop bean” and we were not there to help. HA HA

  2. Wait until they get to CO, that malady disappears. They could half a tree hanging from there and they keep bulldozing ahead. That being said, I felt sorry for the fly that jumped in our van yesterday in OK. I kept trying to get him out of the van. He/She survived the cold and the altitude in Avon last night but when pushed out into the heat and lack of O2 here didn’t look too happy. May think twice about fly hitch hiking next time.

    • Pam, I’ll let you know if Lil toughens up in Colorado. She is quirky though. For example: re: your fly story, Lil gets very concerned about buzzing insects. She practically jumped out of her skin when a beetle landed on her while she was dozing on the sofa a couple of years ago. Then she slinked around the living room for days before finally getting the nerve up to pop up on the sofa to investigate the “crime scene.” She methodically sniffed the entire sofa surface and behind every pillow before deciding it was safe enough to lie down on.

  3. I stole this comment from a FB AT group. Another term for dingle-berries: “Cling-Ons” and where they vacation: “…around Uranus.” AT people are almost as funny as the ATs they live with. 🙂

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