A few more of Jake and Lil’s runs from DAPPR’s NADAC Trial last weekend

Black Forest Regional Park is a great trial site.




Gorgeous trial site!

(above) a couple of Jake and Lil’s runs from Saturday.  These are the only runs that were video-taped on my high-res camera but they present the general vibe of both dogs running in long, dense grass.  I think running a bit slower may have helped Jake keep his wits about him 🙂  but both dogs YPS were 0.5 to 1 YPS slower than typical.    Not an issue in terms of qualifying since they both typically come in well under the Standard Course Times but it certainly felt a lot different running them in such thick grass.

Watching the videos, I think my dogs looked perfectly happy running those courses but they also looked like they were working a lot harder than they usually do when running on other surfaces.   I’m not complaining at all though.  It was just weird for me to feel my dogs overall “vibe” being different from what I’ve gotten used to since switching to NADAC.  I was reminded of the years we competed primarily in USDAA.  Sure, my dogs were happy to run USDAA courses with me, but the overall vibe was “chase me around this course” vs. “run this course with me as my teammate.”  I personally prefer the vibe I feel from my dogs when running NADAC courses and I think they do too!    I also think they love running over lower A-frames, rubberized contacts without slats…… and lower jump heights!  I’m not saying USDAA is bad….although some of their obstacle specifications are arbitrary and not fair to small dogs… but rather that my dogs and I prefer NADAC.  🙂

(above) I dug up this video from fall 2011 of Lil running a USDAA Grand Prix course.  I think you can see what I am referring to re: her overall vibe looking like she is working vs. having a blast.  Gosh… I just realized Lil was 2.5 years old in this video!

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