Day 1: Session 2 went so well I uploaded another video

I am so glad I decided to bring out my video camera this afternoon for Jake and Lil’s second session running and stopping 4-on a flat A-frame.   I spontaneously added a barrel at one end and a hoop at the other, thinking “Why not start sequencing a bit and see how that goes?”

(above) video of Day 1, Session 2

I also raised up one end of the A-frame by placing a board under it, since it was clear in this morning’s session that the slightly raised edge (the edge with wheels under it) was easier for Jake and Lil to be successful keeping all four feet on the A-frame vs. doing 2o2o.

Towards the end of the session, things were going so well (100% success rate) so I decided to work a bit on sending them ahead to target the end of the A-frame.  I knew this would be challenging for both dogs, especially for Jake, but he showed nice improvement.  Actually, I think both dogs did really well sending ahead for the first time on a flat A-Frame.

I love being able to work on skills, such as forward sends, on a flat A-frame to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on my dogs…so I guess I should feel lucky that I didn’t see a single person today who could help me raise the A-frame off the ground.

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