Takoda’s Debut Running Novice Courses, October 28- 30, 2016

Takoda In ActionTakoda and I doing a little ringside warm up before a run.  Even though we are both a little blurry, I really like this photo, maybe because we are blurry!

After running Takoda in Intro at three trials and seeing his confidence and focus increase at each trial, I thought he was probably ready to move up to Novice.  I knew he had the skills but I was not certain he would be ready to demonstrate those skills in a new trial setting and at his first indoor trial. I was so nervous before the first couple of runs, I felt a little light headed.  Crazy but it reminded me of how I felt when Lil and Jake started trialing many years ago.  Fear of the unknown I guess.

After a couple of really nice fluid runs, I exhaled 🙂  and shifted gears from wondering what he’d do.. to viewing each run as an opportunity to “see what he knows.”  Turns out, he knows a lot.  I didn’t find a single hole in his foundation training all weekend long.  Beautiful start line stays, awesome contacts, and 100% connection on every run.  I am sure holes will show up in the future but running 18 classes over the course of 3 days really drove home how a solid foundation translates into clear communication between a dog and a handler.  I could not be more proud of Takoda!

Extreme Hoopers, first class on Friday

Weavers on Friday

Jumpers on Saturday

Chances on Saturday (my favorite run of the weekend I think)

Touch N Go on Saturday

Chances on Friday

Intro Tunnelers, last class of the trial on Sunday.  Takoda came into this trial needing one Q  more Intro Tunnelers Qs for his Versatility Award so I ran him in Intro.

takoda_intro_versatility_award_10-30-16A friend called Takoda the Cary Grant of Agility (or something like that) due to his smoothness on course.  I am still chuckling about that.

Takoda  earned another significant Intro title before this trial, with 10 Qs in Intro Regular.

takoda_intro_title.. and finally a cute photo thanks to Lindsey of Mountain Dog Sports


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