A dog jumping with a raised head? Look again.

Dots added to show the heights and moving paths of withers (WHITE), nose (RED) and base of the tail (BLUE).

Here is what’s most surprising to me. Even though the dog’s head LOOKS raised when his front feet hit the ground, the RED dots show the nose arc remains perfectly smooth and consistent. No abrupt raising of the head.  I think all three arcs look well balanced.

The other surprising thing is the nose dots are consistently lower than the withers dots even though it LOOKS like the dog is raising his head higher than his withers when lifting off and floating over the bar. Crazy illusions shattered by adding DOTS.  Who would think?

I hope to find videos of other dogs jumping in extension (side views) to compare jumping styles and arcs of withers, noses, and bases of tails.

I plan to do the same for jumping in collection.   Right now I am busy with other projects but stay tuned.   FYI-  The Facbook Group “Canine Jumping Forum” has some interesting conversations going on right now.   Ask to join and I’ll add you as a member.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 4.38.48 PM

(above) illusion of a raised head.


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