Structure. Structure. Structure.

Good example of how structure affects dogs jumping style as well as take-off and landing spots. These screenshots are from the Crufts video I posted earlier. You can see extremely different jumping styles. Not only is the Kelpie’s jumping arc longer, his speed was so much greater than I had to duplicate 5 screenshots of the kelpie to extend the airtime so the take-off and landing moments were similar to the Terv’s. Even though the Kelpie was running faster than the Terv, he was still able to load deeper to shift his momentum from forward to upward making it possible for him to take off closer to the jump than the Terv. His strong powerful momentum created a longer arc which peaked AFTER the jump. In comparison, the Terv looks like it took a lot more effort to lift UP his front legs and notice how he let them drop as soon as they cleared the bar. His rear legs were tucked throughout the jumping action and his neck looks quite short when his front feet hit the ground. I would call the Terv an early-landing dog due to structure.. and the Kelpie a natural jumper due to structure.

(below) video these screenshots were taken from.

2007 Crufts ABC. Interesting to see how dogs coped with super tight spacing back then….and a slippery surface. Check out the position of each dog’s rear legs over jumps. One kelpie around 7:20 does a little extra kick up when rear legs are extended. Oddly, I think this tight spacing made jumping easier for some dogs because they never had a chance to open up and really run so they never had to power down to really collect. 🙂

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