Fun Trial and Nice Heeling by Takoda who is now 18 weeks old

Black Forest Regional Park

Black Forest Regional Park

What a fun weekend we all had at a NADAC trial.  Nice site, nice weather, nice competitors, miles of nice hiking trails, and nicely behaved dogs. Nice. Nice. Nice.

(above) Our only Bonus Box attempt this weekend. I knew we’d likely have trouble with that turn AWAY, since its a skill I have not trained out of tunnels (yet) but Lil did a great job running this course… and this was her 6th run on Day 2. Yey Lil!

The reason I only attempted one Bonus Box last weekend, was because I’m currently focusing my attention on running with Lil at moderate distances to freshen up my handling skills. While Bonus runs are difficult to GET, they are actually easier in terms of handling because you can see the whole course, your dog, and your dog’s path perfectly due to being on the outside looking in. Yesterday, I signed up for Amanda Nelson’s Exercise of the Month to help me get back in the swing of things re: running with Lil.. not that I’ll be running right along side of her.

Bruce brought Jake to the trial on Sunday.  I'm sure Jake appreciated spending Friday and Saturday relaxing at home.

Bruce brought Jake to the trial on Sunday. I’m sure Jake appreciated spending Friday and Saturday relaxing at home.

Takoda was super well-behaved at the trial, and very quiet while hanging out ringside.  He was also able to maintain his compusure 🙂 around his litter mates who were in the tent next door.  Lots of great heeling and Mark work in the midst of trial distractions too.  I didn’t get any video of Takoda at the trial site but I finally got some footage of him heeling in the backyard the previous week.

(above) Takoda heeling at 17 weeks in the backyard

(above) More heeling in that same session.

I’m so impressed with how well Takoda is responding to my body language and how straight he is walking, trotting, and sitting in heel position.  He has always been better on my right (likely due to him having a left lead preference).  Because of that we spend more time practicing with him on my left and at this point I think he is almost as good on my left as on my right.

He is such a good puppy!