New and Super Deep Doggie Luge…..sigh

(above) Jake: Round One

Jake started off offering Paw and Shake which was so cute, I left it in the video.  The snow is so deep, it’s the equivalent of running through a very long tunnel since Jake cannot see me while running along the far side of the track.  A year ago, I don’t think he would have been willing to run all the way around with me out of sight for so long.  What a fun little guy he is!

(above) Jake: Round Two

(above) Lil: Round One

Lil will work with enough distance for me to stand on the porch to get a better view of the luge track.. but the snow is so deep, you still cannot see her half the time.  If it was not for the luge track, I don’t think Lil would venture off the porch at all.  She is a total “princess” when it comes to deep snow… so the Doggie Luge is the first thing I dig out after every snow fall…. did I mention this has been almost a daily occurrence lately? BIG SIGH!

(above) Lil: Round Two

I’ll end this post with a Funny Story.  I shoveled the luge track and the front path to our house 5-6 times yesterday but this morning I needed to deal with a huge amount of overnight snow in stages.  I had the front 2/3 of the luge shoveled when I let the dogs out this morning and they were very YAHOO and both took off running…. and I remember thinking…..hmmmmm what will happen with they hit “the wall of snow”…..

Jake jumped right over it… and bounded through the snow following the slight indentation where the previous luge track had been and then did another lap around the entire luge  for good measure. Lil followed Jake for a few strides in the deep snow and then turned around and came back to the porch.

Both were somewhat predictable “performances.”  🙂

Jake and Lil running around the 1st Doggie Luge of the season (2013-14)

Not much to say other than shoveling out the luge takes a while but it is well worth the effort as it gives Jake and Lil an opportunity to stretch their legs and run, run, run when there is a lot of snow on the ground (as there is right now in Woodstock, NY). I think there must be 12-14 inches of snow.

13 second video of Jake running around the luge

I am mixing in some Waits and Turns, mostly with Lil though.  So far Jake is running with total conviction this season so I don’t want to slow him down by asking for too many WAITS and TURNS.

29 second video of Lil’s first two attempts with the WAIT cue.

20 second video of Lil running around the luge and demonstrating a very Punchy WAIT on the home stretch.

28 second video of Lil focusing forward before I release her and then doing a fantastic job WAITING and TURNING at a distance.

I love that Lil is not slowing down in anticipation of me saying WAIT.  I also love that Jake is driving full force all the way around the luge, including away from me this season.