Lil’s running dog walk at NADAC trial last weekend

I couldn’t be more pleased with how good Lil’s running dog walk is looking!  Just one high hit (but still in the contact zone) and many very nice low hits.  She clearly understands the criteria. YEY!

I’ll be posting some of her runs in a day or two.  She ran fast and confidently all three days  and earned 4 new titles and 13 Qs!


Another day of NADAC

I drove 2 hours south to Madison, NJ on Sunday for Scor Agility’s NADAC trial.  Even though it was hot and humid, Lil ran well.   I was especially proud because this was the first time she ran 6 classes in a single day.  Her final run had as much energy and focus as the first run of the day.  We spent most of the day hanging out in the shade, with Ryobi fans running,  eating a big bowl of cold watermelon.  The only time Lil panted was right after her runs and within a few minutes of being back in the shade, she was comfortably cool again.

Jake is taking a break from agility.  Something is not quite right with him, but it doesn’t appear to be a major injury so he is just taking a little break from jumping and contacts until he is back to 100%.  Jake loves freestyle, perhaps more than agility, so he is having as much fun as Lil!

The next upcoming “dog” event is a three-day camp with Lynn Smitley in Vermont, which includes a day focusing on  NADAC ECG, which is all about speed and distance and does not include traditional agility obstacles so it sounds perfect for Jake and I’m sure Lil will love it too.

I’ll also be continuing to work on Lil’s new running dogwalk!  It is fun to train and even more fun to DO at trials. Lil ran over the dogwalk 3 times at the NADAC trial and all 3 times, her striding was absolutely beautiful!

Great progress with extension jumping!

For the past four months, I’ve been focusing most of my attention on Jake and Lil’s  jumping.   I have seen very good progress in the backyard so I felt it was time for the ultimate test… a NADAC trial.   NADAC is a great venue for testing jumping skills because the courses are fast and the jumps are spaced at a whopping 21′ which is five full strides between every jump for my dogs.  It has been a long time since I have gone to a NADAC trial, so I had forgotten how much fun they are for dogs and people.  We all had such a great time, I’m going to another NADAC trial this coming weekend!

Jake has always dropped his head and shoulders before jumping, but his jumping at this trial looked comfortable for him and his striding between jumps looked nice and even.  BTW, my sweetie-pie Jake has come a long ways in terms of staying in the game.  I was very proud of him!   I didn’t get a video of his Open Tunnelers run but he Q-ed it and he can get very WHOO HOO running Tunnelers, especially first thing in the morning.

OK. This was NOT my best handing on either video! 🙂  NADAC courses are so different from USDAA courses, that it took me most of the day to get my timing down and to stop calling Lil into handler focus when I didn’t need to….most apparent in Tunnelers.

Lil and Jake both felt very confident when jumping!   The person video taping zoomed in a lot for their jumpers runs, but you can get the general idea of how fast they were running and how well they were jumping!   All in all, there were just a few earlier-than-ideal take offs throughout the day and no dramatic launches by either dog! Oh and Lil got 4 of 4 Qs and 4 blue ribbons,  Jake got 2 or 4 Qs and 2 red ribbons and I wasn’t really trying to Q.

A couple of days before the trial, it occurred to me that I should run my dogs over a few 21′ spaced jumps since that is much wider than what we usually practice. This video is just of Lil, but Jake managed the spacing very easily too.