Jake and Lil “Moon Walking” which is what I call Paw & Shake while backing up

Moon Walking consists of a difficult combination of movements so I keep sessions super short (the video contains the entire session from start to finish).  I also do not practice this combination of tricks every day… just once in a while.  I find it fascinating to see how each dog performs the combination of movements differently.. how they get their front legs super high, while rear feet shuffle backwards.  I leave  “how to do it” up to them and just reward what I consider to be their best efforts.

Happy Holidays from Jake and Lil

This is a single take and it is totally unedited.  It might be hard to believe but I added the background music AFTER I video taped a single session with my totally impromptu “munchkin costume” yet I think it kind of looks like I choreographed the tricks to match the music.  Even the timing of Jake entering the scene is total chance.  I don’t know if YouTube will remove this video due to my use of this very essential background music so if you want to share this video with friends, do it fast!   and if YouTube removes this video, I think YouTube is a totally mean Grinch!