A few of Lil’s runs at her first outdoor trial of the season

Here are a few of Lil’s runs from our first outdoor trial of the season.  I could not have asked for better weather, which makes outdoor trialing even more fun than usual.    Not much to say about the video other than I think well Lil ran very well!  On day one, she felt a bit scattered but surprisingly it was not visible on the video.  By day two, we were back in “the zone” and she felt super confident.  Her running contacts looked either good or great all weekend long.  There was just one A-Frame I didn’t like but she hit the contact zone so I shouldn’t complain.

Over the winter, I focused a lot of attention on forward sends and increasing distance with both dogs.  I am so pleased to see how well the training translated to the trial environment.  Both dogs ran really nice clean lines all weekend, including Lil’s Elite Chances run and Jake’s Novice Chances run, which they both aced.

I will be uploading a few of Jake’s runs too.   I just have a few pressing deadlines for my “real work” that I’m focusing on lately (like the last 8 months).  🙂

I stumbled upon this video of Lil running her very first agility course (Tunnelers) at Camp Gone to the Dogs.  She was only 7 months old, but I think she was already exhibiting what makes Lil a great agility partner and family member.  GO LIL!

Jake and Lil’s had a total blast at their first EGC (Extreme Game Challenge) Trial

Here are a couple of EGC runs from this weekend’s trial.   Jake did a great job running Extreme Hoopers earning a very high score of 93.64.  Lil’s score of 102.29 in Extreme Gaters was the highest score of any dog.  🙂 YEY for both dogs!

In EGC, the score is based on time plus faults: 5 point Q for scores between 50 and 75; 10 point Q for scores between 75 and 100, and a 15 point Q for scores over 100.

With no jumps, contacts, or weave poles to slow them down, dogs can really let loose and run on EGC courses.  I think Jake and Lil will continue to get faster and faster as they gain more experience running around these strange, new obstacles. 🙂

I love that the handler’s job is entirely straight forward… to show her dog “the path” in a timely fashion.  EGC might be the most fun I’ve ever had running agility with my dogs.   The EGC classes at last weekend’s trial were BIG and most people (and dogs 🙂 ) were smiling ear to ear after their runs.   I hope EGC continues to grow in popularity so more local trials offer EGC classes in the future.

Another super fun NADAC trial!

Last weekend, we went to a local NADAC trial and totally lucked out in terms of weather.  No rain at all… and this was just one day before Tropical Storm Sandy was due to hit our area.

Highlights for Lil include BRILLIANT running contacts all weekend long.  🙂   She had incredibly low hits on the A-Frame and her new running dog walk looked better than ever!  She also ran her first ever Elite Weavers course (3 sets of 12 poles) at 4.14 YPS and even did one set of poles 20-25-ish feet away from me (no video :().   Lil is now running ELITE in all classes except for Touch N Go, where she needs just one more Open Q.   This is pretty remarkable considering she only did a couple of days of NADAC when she was 18 – 20 months, and just started doing NADAC again in June 2012.

Jake also had a great weekend.  It was very windy on Sunday, which makes him higher than a kite, but he kept his head and ran well and fast both days.  Highlights include his fastest Jumpers run to date at 5.14 YPS.  🙂  He also had a lot of really nice moving contacts, which I am very pleased with since we have just begun playing around with them vs. 2o2o.  The thing I’m most proud of is that I was able to call Jake back around to take a few missed obstacles and he stayed totally engaged and happy.   I used to have to keep on going or I’d lose him.  Jake’s resiliency has really skyrocketed this past year. 🙂   We also had a funny moment after Jake’s 4.27 YPS Weavers run when a friend complimented me on how great Lil always runs.  I had to point out to her that it was Jake, not Lil!  YEY Jake!

I could not be prouder of Jake and Lil!  🙂