Facebook Discussion Group about Jumping Issues

I was recently asked if I would start a Facebook Group for people interested in exploring how structure, temperament, minor injuries, and/ or vision defects can influence how well dogs are able to meet the challenges of agility-style jumping.  Based on the overwhelming response to my recent post on canine vision (10,000+ hits when I last checked) and thousands of hits on another recent post “Shifting Attitudes about Jumping,” I anticipate a lively and informative discussion will take place.

The purpose of the “Canine Jumping Forum” will be to inspire open discussions about all types of jumping issues; possible causes and signs; why different breeds (and individual dogs within each breed) may have different jumping styles, take-off and landing spots, and how specific handling techniques and jump training can help (or hinder) a dog’s ability to jump with ease.   All points of view will be welcome.

If you are interested in joining this Facebook group, friend DEVORAH SPERBER on Facebook, then ask to join “Canine Jumping Forum” and I will approve your request.

Feel free to forward a link to this post to anyone you know who might be interested in this topic.


HGR: a new approach to jump training

Hit the Ground Running!
Click on the link above to learn about a radically new approach to jump training.

Here is the new URL to sign up for HGR:  http://www.dawnweaveragility.com/hitthegroundrunning